Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Tataviam Indians

Vasquez Rocks: The First Inhabitants from "A History of Vasquez Rocks and Vicinity" • L.A. County, 1-15-1974
Ancient Enterprises: How the Tataviam Survived & Thrived in Prehistoric SCV (Video) PCNCA Lecture by Laurie Solis, CCO Anthropology • 2-16-2014
Searching for Tataviam Answers by Katalin Szabolcsi • The Signal, 10-29-2000
    • A good work on this topic.
Tataviam Indians On The Newhall Ranch by Leon Worden • The Signal, 6-14-1995
Indian Artifacts Found in Western SCV by Leon Worden • The Signal, 8-21-1996
Prehistory of the Newhall Ranch by Leon Worden • The Signal, 8-18-1998
History Of The Tataviam by Paul Higgins • The Gazette, Jan.-Feb. 1996
The Trail to Kashtiq by John R. Johnson • Calif. Journal of Anthropology, Winter 1978
Perforated Stones from Bowers Cave by Henry W. Henshaw, 1887 (Excerpt).
We Found the Lost Indian Cave of the San Martins (Bowers Cave) by Richard F. Van Valkenburgh • Desert, January 1952
Map - Bowers Cave, Pyle Ranch, Indian Tribes. Desert Magazine, January 1952.
Archaeology & Inventory of Bowers Cave - Elsasser & Heizer, 1963.
Bowers Cave by Jerry Reynolds • The Signal, 12-14-1984
Ethnography of Castaic by Jerry Reynolds • The Signal, n.d.
Agua Dulce Man Preserves Tataviam Past by Katalin Szabolcsi • The Signal, 10-29-2000
A Comparison of Tataviam Ethnobotany at Vasquez Rocks and Placerita Canyon by Sarah Brewer Thompson • 1-19-2014
Sinforosa Fustero, Newhall's Tataviam Basket Maker by David Desmond • October 2000
DNA Links Ancient, Modern Indians by Judy O'Rourke • The Signal, 5-22-2005
Riverpark/River Village by Newhall Land: The Artifacts by Leon Worden, 7-28-2013
    • Riverpark by Newhall Land: Draft Environmental Impact Report, Cultural Resources Section. Impact Sciences, February 2004.
L.A.-Kern Recycled Water Project EIR (2008): Paleontology, Tataviam & Kitanemuk Prehistory, AV History. 2008.
Castaic High School Site: DEIR: Cultural Resources. The Planning Center | DC&E, July 2012
    • Phase I Archaeological Investigation, Castaic High School Site. Romani 2010.


JJ2003 - Diseño Map: Rancho San Francisco (SCV).
JJ2004 - Indian Village Map: Santa Clarita Valley & Environs.
JJ2005 - Tataviam Village Site Map - Santa Clarita Valley.
AP0225 - Van Valkenburgh Map of Indian Villages in the SCV, 1937.
AP0812 - Bowers Cave, ca. 1951. 4 Images.
TL0002 - Bowers Cave Artifacts at Peabody Museum, Harvard University. 4 Images.
JJ1003 - Juan José Fustero and Family, c. 1910s.
LW2019 - Juan José Fustero, Tataviam Indian, c. 1910s. 98K.
LW2141 - Juan José Fustero: Death Certificate, 6-30-1921. 250K.
JJ1004 - Sinforosa Fustero and Family, c. 1910.
SG0050 - Tataviam Basket by Sinforosa Fustero. Color, 130K.
SG0051 - Tataviam Basket by Sinforosa Fustero. Color, 130K.
JJ1008 - Tataviam Village Site at Piru.
RW0100 - Arrow Straightener. Found ca. 1984.
LW9550 - Vasquez Rock Art: Sun. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9551 - Vasquez Rock Art: Lizard & Rattlesnake. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9552 - Vasquez Rock Art: Volcano. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9553 - Vasquez Rock Art: Snake. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9555 - Vasquez Rock Art: White Dotted Figure. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9556 - Vasquez Rock Art: Lizard. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9557 - Vasquez Rock Art: Black Figures. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9558 - Vasquez Rock Art: Red Figure. Color Photo, 1995.
LW0070 - Fish Canyon Bedrock Mortars & Cupules (2 Views).
LW0071 - Fish Canyon Rock Shelter. 69K.
LW2066 - Tataviam Wooden Bowl. Color, 111K.
LW2597 - Tataviam Ceremonial Bar, 1970 Elderberry Canyon Dig, 4 Views.
LW2598 - Tataviam Blue Steatite Cup, 1970 Elderberry Canyon Dig, 5 Views.
LW2599 - Tataviam Projectile Points (4), 1970 Elderberry Canyon Dig.
LW9554 - Kitchen Setting (Re-creation), 1995. 99K.
LW2523 - Actinolite Canoe Carving by Ted Garcia (2012), at Natural History Museum, 4 Views, Photos 11-23-2013.
MD1401 - Projectile Point, Found in Haskell Canyon 2-16-2014.

Other Nearby Cultures &
General/Regional Materials

LW2162 - Bering Strait / Arrival of Early Man. 3 Oversized Images.
JJ2001 - Linguistic Map: Chumash-Gabrielino-Tataviam-Kitanemuk.
JJ2002 - Map: Major Language Groups of California.
JJ1006 - Indians at Mission San Fernando: Drawing by Vischer, 1865.
JJ1007 - Mission San Fernando: Woodcut.
JJ1002 - Serrano Indian at Fort Tejon, c. 1900.
JJ1009a - Indians at Tejon: Woodcut, 1853.
JJ1005 - Gabrielino Indian Women at Mission San Fernando, c. 1900.
LW0311 - Vanyume Reburial in Palmdale, 3-11-2006 (28 Views).
LW2555 - Antelope Valley Indian Museum Building, 7 Views, 12-28-2013.

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