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Agua Dulce | Vasquez Rocks
Including Parts of Mint Canyon

See also Saugus and Soledad Canyon and Borax

Early Inhabitants
See also Tataviam Culture

Agua Dulce Artifacts Passing from One Safekeeper to Another by Katalin Szabolcsi • 6-21-2012
Agua Dulce Man Preserves Tataviam Past by Katalin Szabolcsi • The Signal, 10-29-2000
Vasquez Rocks: A Bioarchaeological Study of a Middle Period Cemetery (CA-LAN-361) CSUN Master's Thesis by Sebastian Cristobal Garza, 2012
A Comparison of Tataviam Ethnobotany at Vasquez Rocks and Placerita Canyon by Sarah Brewer Thompson • 1-19-2014

LW9550 - Vasquez Rock Art: Sun. Color Photo, 1995. 55K.
LW9551 - Vasquez Rock Art: Lizard. Color Photo, 1995. 53K.
LW9552 - Vasquez Rock Art: Volcano. Color Photo, 1995. 65K.
LW9553 - Vasquez Rock Art: Snake. Color Photo, 1995. 82K.
LW9555 - Vasquez Rock Art: White Dotted Figure. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9556 - Vasquez Rock Art: Lizard. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9557 - Vasquez Rock Art: Black Figures. Color Photo, 1995.
LW9558 - Vasquez Rock Art: Red Figure. Color Photo, 1995.
GT9801 - Human Skull Washes Up in El Nino Storm, 2-21-1998.

Misc. Photos & Text

Legacy: Dick Held
Life & Times
Points of Interest
A 'Honey' of a Story
A History of Vasquez Rocks and Vicinity (Comprehensive History) • Los Angeles County, 1-15-1974
Nature, History to Share Spotlight at New Vasquez Center by Katalin Szabolcsi • 6-21-2012
Agua Dulce: A Story of Love and Loss, by Mary Hunter Austin (1909) • Harper's Weekly, 8-28-1909
Plane Crash at Agua Dulce The Signal, 5-19-1938
Cattle-Rustling 'Phantom of Vasquez Rocks' Captured News Reports, October 1945
Alberta Platz Bell's Ravenna Memories12-2-1988.
Dick Held's Agua Dulce Memories by Dick Held, Spring 2002
Touring Vasquez Rocks: A History of its 20th Century Occupation by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, October 2001
Vasquez Rocks, Land of Enduring Romance by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 1-2-2002
Notes from Interview with Edward Toney, Agua Dulce Pioneer by Jo Ellen Rismanchi • 3-3-2002
Mary Wright, An Agua Dulce Pioneer by Jo Ellen Rismanchi • The Signal, 7-16-2002
County Adding Land to Vasquez Rocks, 11-10-2011
Unraveling the Mystery of the Mesa by Alan Pollack, 3-2011
Interpretive Center Rising at Bandit's Rocky Hideout by Katalin Szabolcsi • 5-9-2012
Open House at New Vasquez Rocks Interpretive Center SCVTV • 5-30-2013
Asher Ranch Life Revealed in Vasquez Rocks Program by Lillian Smith, Agua Dulce-Acton Country Journal • 3-15-2014

AL1890 - Reward Poster For Apprehension of Indian Murder Suspect-Mint Canyon, November 26, 1890.
AP1935 - Pansy Barrington and Clara Long (Wright) at First Agua Dulce Schoolhouse, 1916.
JA0000 - Oaks Garage/Le Chene French Cuisine, Sierra Highway-Mint Canyon (Multiple Views), 1916 ff.
LW2647 - Castle Oaks Garage/Le Chene French Cuisine, Sierra Highway-Mint Canyon, Inscribed RPPC 1920s.
DH2101 - Tony & Geneva Dean Held & Sons, Agua Dulce Homesteaders (Multiple Views), 1920s.
DH3001 - Snowfall in Agua Dulce (Multiple Views), 1930.
DH3101 - The Neighbors' New Water Pump in Agua Dulce, 1931.
JE3001 - Claude Ellis' Art at Vasquez Rocks, Multiple Views, 1930s.
TA3401 - Asher Family at Their Vasquez Rocks Property, 1930s.
TA3001 - Corner Escondido & Agua Dulce Canyon Road, 1930s.
LW2297 - Buck Jones in "Outlawed Guns," Vasquez Rocks Fight Scene, Publicity Still, 1935.
LC4101 - Ivan Callahan Family & Homestead (3 Views), 1938-41.
LW2042 - Vasquez Rocks, Union Oil Postcard, 1941. Color.
LW2622 - Mint Canyon Highway (Sierra Highway), Sleepy Valley, 1940s.
JW4401 - Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard, Bob Steele in "Arizona Whirlwind," Vasquez Rocks, 1944.
LW2097 - Bob Steele, Hoot Gibson & Ken Maynard at Vasquez Rocks, ~1940s.
AP3114 - Agua Dulce Schoolhouse, May 1945.
CU1950 - Wilson's Restaurant, Mint Canyon, Real Photo Postcard, 1950s.
LW2215 - Wilson's Restaurant, Mint Canyon, Matchbook, 1950s.
LW2639 - Sierra Pelona Motel, RPPC 1950s.
LW2109 - "Gunsmoke": James Arness & Amanda Blake at Vasquez Rocks, 1950s.
LW2098 - Capt. Kirk Battles the Gorn at Vasquez Rocks, 8 Views, 1967.
LW2002 - Callahan's Old West: Good Luck Charm, 2 Varieties, ~1960s.
LW2221 - Callahan's Old West, Hopi Shrine, Color Postcard, 1960s.
LW2221b - Callahan's Old West, Outlaw Saloon, Color Postcard, 1960s.
LW2531 - Callahan's Old West, Ramona Chapel, Color Postcard, 1960s.
LW2145 - Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" at Vasquez Rocks, 11 Views, 1974.
VH8401 - 'Airwolf' Episode at Vasquez Rocks, 4 Views, 1984-87.
SB9501 - Montie & Marilee Montana with Art Brewer in Agua Dulce, mid-1990s.
SC9401 - "The Flintstones" Movie Set at Vasquez Rocks, 1994.
GT9801 - Flooding in Sleepy Valley, 2-1998.
SG0922 - Callahan's Old West Indian Village, 2000.
LW2623 - "Nature At Best" (Vasquez Rocks), Oil on Canvas by Terry Sonntag, March 2012.
LW2261 - Bobby Clark (the Gorn) Reenacts "Star Trek" Battle with Captain Kirk (Multiple Views), 8-4-2012.
LW2363 - Vasquez Rocks Interpretive Center (Exterior), 4-17-2013.
LW2384 - "Sunset at Vasquez Rocks," Oil on Canvas by Laura Wambsgans, 2013.
LW2410 - Orit Haj (Rammed Earth Artwork) at Vasquez Rocks Interpretive Center, 2 Views, 7-18-2013.
Gallery - Former Owner Jeff Asher Lectures at Vasquez Rocks, 15 Views, 3-9-2014.
BB1401 - Oaks Cafe Sign at Le Chene Restaurant, June 2014.

Tiburcio Vasquez

A La Señorita: Poem by Tiburcio Vasquez • 1874-1875
Vasquez and the Tres Pinos Horror • (Bakersfield) Southern Californian, 9-4-1873
The Vasquez Gang • (San Diego) The World, 9-20-1873
Vasquez. Daring Robbery Near Camulos • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 10-23-1873
Taking of Kingston by Vasquez • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 12-29-1873
Vasquez Band Robs Kingston • (Bakersfield) Southern Californian, 1-1-1874
Vasquez, The Robber Raid On Kingston • (San Diego) The World, 1-3-1874
T. Vasquez: Letter from Varnum Westcott to Gov. Newton Booth • 1-12-1874
Confession of Charles W. Weeks, Vasquez Gang Member • February 1874.
Vasquez Captured at Last. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-15-1874
Vasquez Capture Confirmed • (San Diego) Evening World, 5-15-1874
Capture of Vasquez • (Vallejo, CA) The Daily People's Independent, 5-16-1874
Jailhouse Interview with Tiburcio Vasquez • by Major Ben C. Truman, Los Angeles Star, 5-16-1874, Repurposed 1881.
Vasquez' History in Brief • (San Diego) The World, 5-18-1874
Capture of Vasquez, A Question Of Honor • (Los Angeles) Evening Express, 5-19-1874
The Jail Life of Vasquez. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-19-1874
The Scene of Vasquez' Capture. • (San Francisco, CA) San Francisco Chronicle, 5-21-1874
Vasquez Captured • (Stockton, CA) Stockton Weekly Independent, 5-23-1874
Vasquez Captured • (New York, NY) The New York Times, 5-24-1874
Abdon Leiva's Version Of Vasquez gang Tres Pinos Massacre. • (San Francisco, CA) The Sunday Chronicle, 5-24-1874
Tiburcio Vasquez Trial and Murder Conviction At San Jose • Los Angeles Weekly Star, 1-16-1875
Vasquez Refused a New Trial By the Supreme Court • (San Jose, CA) The Weekly Argus, 3-13-1875
Final Statement of Tiburcio Vasquez • Morning Oregonian, 3-25-1875
The Execution Of Vasquez! • (Sacramento) The Daily Bee, 3-19-1875
Tiburcio Vasquez Hanged At San Jose • New York Tribune, 3-20-1875
Execution of Vasquez, the Bandit • Dallas Daily Herald, 3-21-1875
Bandit Vasquez' Raid on Kingston Recalled By Spectators • The Fresno Bee, 1-17-1937
The Haunts and Hideouts of Tiburcio Vasquez, by Will H. Thrall • So. Cal Historical Society Quarterly, June 1948
Tiburcio Vasquez, Lover-Bandit by Dick Cox • Real West, November 1965

HS3020 - Tiburcio Vasquez, Bandit. 98K
JE4001 - Tiburcio Vasquez: Portrait & Biography, 5-19-1874. 81K
CA0010 - Tiburcio Vasquez's Spurs, Discovered in 1930s. (8 Views)
Gallery - Remnants of Kingston, Calif., Raided by Vasquez, 5-17-2014.

See also Borax (More)

Origins of the Sterling Borax Co.Acton Rooster 1907-1908.
Tick Canyon: Richest Borax Deposit Ever FoundLos Angeles Times, 11-17-1907.
Philip Scorza Explores the Sterling Borax Mine 2007
An "Odd Couple" and Twenty Mules: The Fortune of the Sterling Borax Company in California's Santa Clarita Valleyby Edward Keebler, 12-13-2010
Stephen T. Mather: From SCV Borax Magnate to Founder of the National Park SystemExerpts from "Steve Mather of the National Parks" by Robert Shankland, 1951.

LW2362 - Tailings from the Sterling Borax Mine, 4-17-2013.
LW2381 - 2 Sterling Borax Mine Dwellings, 6 Views, 6-8-2013.

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