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"Three-fingered Bob" (or Jack?) Slays Unarmed Rival in Drunken Brawl • News Reports, 1889.

Newhall and Acton Men Fight for Hydraulic Mining • News Reports, 1-1892.

2 Killed When Locomotive Explodes Between Ravenna, Acton San Diego Union (AP), 9-21-1902.

Broome Killing Reopens Questions About Hattie Farmer’s Murder Los Angeles Sunday Herald, 1-25-1903.

Judge Deals with "Undesirable" Boys in Acton News reports, 1909.

Acton Hotel Burns, Postmaster Faces Charge The Newhall Signal, 10-25-1945

Governor Mine: Gold Miner Hits Bad Air Pocket, Falls to Death, 10-19-1984

News reports, 1984-1985

The Blum Ranch Story, 1891-1991 by Ray & Elizabeth (Blum) Billet.

Mrs. Herbert Hoover Tells of Time in Acton by Meryl Adams, 1988.

Alberta Platz Bell’s Ravenna Memories12-2-1988.

Mrs. Herbert Hoover Corrects Record About Her Summers in Acton by Alan Pollack, 1-2010.

Showdown or Murder? Revisiting the 1903 Acton Feud (Part 1) by Alan Pollack, 3-2013.

Feud Rips Acton Apart, Ends in Death and Verdict (Part 2) by Alan Pollack, 5-2013.

Shootout at Darcy’s (1972) by Jo Anne Darcy, The Acton Rooster 1991.

Governor Mine: Geological Data & Field Reconnaissance, with Interior Diagrams 7-2-2014.

Sarah Robinson Tombstone

Mysterious Grave Marker Discovered, Agua Dulce-Acton Area • Police Report, Palmdale Sheriff’s Station, 8-4-2014.

Acton Rock Crusher

LW2829 – Acton Rock Crusher Ruins, Multiple Views, 7-15-2015.

Historical Acton Tour
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Legacy: Jo Anne Darcy
Memorable Times

AP0605 – Central Pacific Locomotive, 1870s.

AP3125 – Original Acton School, 8/25/1889.

AP2214 – Soledad School, 1890.


– Soledad School, ~1890. Photograph by R.E. Nickel.

AP1836 – Red Rover Mine: Miners and Ore Body, 1890.

AP3213 – Henry T. Gage & the Red Rover Mine, 1890-1912. 76K.

LW2243 – Lou Henry (Hoover) at R.E. Nickel’s Store, 8-22-1891.

AP3105 – Black Cat Gold Mine, San Gabriel Mountains, ~1890s.

AP3218 – Red Rover Mine, Overview 1911.

AP3216 – Red Rover Mine: 5-Stamp Mill, 2 Views, 1911.

AP3221 – Red Rover Mine: New Shaft House, 1911.

AP3132 – Acton Hotel (front view), ~1910s.


– Acton Hotel (side view), ~1910s.

AP9015 – J.J. Haisch General Store 1910s.

AP3107 – John F. Duehren Home ~1920s.


– J.J. Haisch General Store 1923.

AP3310 – Blum Ranch, June 1924.

AP3112 – Acton Community Presbyterian Church ~1920s.

LW2590 – Marriage License: Rudolph F. Nickel & Viola E. Percival, 7-16-1926.

DO3001 – Richard E. Nickel (Albert Freese) Home, ~1930s.

PC3701 – Bertha & Emma Blum of Acton; Newhall School Teachers, 1937.

AP2217 – Acton Hotel On Fire, 1945.

AL2033 – Acton Depot, ca. 1930’s-1940’s.

AP3314 – Santa Clara River Overflows, Great Flood of 3-2-1938.

DO3801 – Flooding at Crown Valley & Cory (R.E. Nickel Home), Great Flood of 3-2-1938?

AP3101 – Acton Structures Lost to Flooding, 1938-41.

LW2627 – Acton Grocery and Post Office, Desert magazine, February 1957.

LW2056 – Acton Post Office: 75th Anniversary Cover, 5-5-1962.

DB6302 – L.A. Mayor Sam Yorty at AV Freeway Opening, Red Rover Mine Road, 8-23-1963.

JD6801 – Matchbooks from Darcy’s Acton ’49er Saloon, c. 1968.

JD6874 – Acton Fourth of July Parade, 1968.

JK0078 – Southern Pacific Train Wreck, 1967-70.

JK0076 – Southern Pacific Railroad Features, 1967-70.

JK0024 – Foundation of Stamp Mill (Gold Ore Crusher), 1970.

JK0082 – Acton Grocery and Post Office, 1970.

JK0083 – Hotel (pre-1963) and Taylor Land Co. Office (1970) on Crown Valley Road.

JD7201 – Shootout at the Acton ’49er, Antelope Valley Press, December 1972.

JD7101 – Acton Turkey War with AM radio jock Dick Whittington, 4 Views, 1977.

HS9024 – Santa Fe (Band) at Acton Turkey War, 1977.

KL8501 – Actress Tippi Hedren at Shambala Preseve in Acton, 2 Views, Photos by Ken Lubas, 1985.

LW2101 – Blum Ranch & Homestead House (6 Contemporary Views), 3-12-2001.

LW2105 – Blum Ranch Fruit Label.

LW2589 – Acton Hotel Site, 32003 Crown Valley Road | Site Prep for Acton Market Country Store, 2013.

HB1301 – Graves of Harriet Farmer & Nancy Melrose, 3-16-2013.

LW2538 – Red Rover Mine, 7 Views, 12-14-2013.

LW2539 – Governor (aka New York) Mine, 13 Views, 12-14-2013.

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