Mr. Brenner’s Lincoln: Forgotten Figures
Leon Worden

Mr. Brenner’s Lincoln: Forgotten Figures
What if Victor David Brenner Never Met the Nortons?

    Brenner collector Michael Turoff questions whether the "statue" referenced in Brenner’s letter of Jan. 31, 1907, is the freestanding bust owned by D. Wayne Johnson. Turoff points to a photograph (shown), published in the August 1998 edition of The Numismatist, where Brenner is standing in his workshop in front of a slender, full-figure bronze statue of Lincoln, approximately three feet tall. The photograph accompanies a "Coins and Collectors" column by Q. David Bowers. The article does not state, nor can one deduce from the photograph, whether Brenner sculpted the statue or is merely eyeballing it for use as a model. (He appears to have a graver in hand but the statue is complete.)
    Bowers, the preeminent numismatic author of the current generation, told this writer (November 2007) that he is certain Brenner sculpted the statue. If so, then it, too, was modeled from the Norton photographs, as indicated in Brenner’s 1907 letter. Bowers said he has included the photograph in his new book on the Lincoln cent, due to be published in January 2008 by Whitman.
    Johnson, who has documented all known Brenner works, said he knows of no freestanding Lincoln figure attributed to Brenner other than the bust.
By Leon Worden
COINage magazine • Vol. 43, No. 12
December 2007
Second of two parts.

    [PART 1][PART 2]
"The reelection of Mr. Lincoln was a greater triumph than any military victory could be over the principles of the rebellion.
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