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1960 Hart High School Tomawawk Yearbook

LW3090 - (Funeral for) Santos Juncos, Last of the Original San Gabriel Mission Indians, 2 Images, 2-11-1921.

1977 College of the Canyons Yearbook

LW3080 - Publicity Photos (2): William S. Hart and Gordon Russell in "Singer Jim McKee" (Paramount 1924).

LW3086 - Bonelli Stadium Program: First Postwar Midget Race in SoCal, 9-9-1945.

LW3088 - Lantern Slide: Buck Jones in "The Avenger" (Columbia 1931).

LW3085 - William S. Hart at the Races? Watson Photo 1920s-1930s.

LW3084 - Wm. Mulholland Inspects St. Francis Dam Disaster Site, Watson Photo, 3-14-1928.

LW3083 - Ruins of St. Francis Dam & Empty Reservoir, George Watson Photo, March 1928.

LW3082 - The Two Black Crows: Charley Mack & George Moran, Photo ~1933.

LW3081 - Scott Newhall's Eppleton Hall Tugboat Enters Golden Gate, March 1970.

LW3079 - Actor Robert Taylor Visits William S. Hart at Home, 1941.

LW3078 - Call Sheet: "The Unit" S.4 Ep. 14, Day 6 (12-17-2008).

LW3077 - Kitanemuk Mythology: Coyote Kidnaps Mountain Lion's Sons • Zigmond 1980.

LW3076 - Corporate Seal Embosser, Sterling Borax Co. (Unique), 1908.

Motion Pictures Shot at Monogram Ranch, 1940 From Brunner's 1940 History.

Monogram Ranch: Description & Filmography for 1939 From Brunner's 1940 History.

LW3073 - L. Wines Richfield Station, Matchbook Cover, n.d.

LW3072 - Storyboard for Santa Clarita Cityhood Campaign TV Commercial, 1987.

LW3071 - The Case for Cityhood: Formation Committee Addresses LAFCO, 2-25-1987.

LW3070 - Public Opinion Poll Results: Question of Santa Clarita Cityhood, February 1987.

LW3069 - Castaic High School Site: Jackson & Winkler Homesteads, 1922.

LW3068 - Tiburcio Vasquez Bubble Gum Card, 1966.

LW3067 - Southern Pacific Locomotive Derailed, Overturned Outside of Saugus, 3-25-1938.

VIDEO - John Baldessari Receives 2014 National Medal of Arts, 9-10-2015.

HB1701 - Old Orchard I: Park, Paseos, Streets, Late 1960s.

VIDEO - Saugus Speedway Scene from "Charlie's Angels" Ep. 1.1: "Hellride" 9-22-1976.

LW3066 - Biography: The Complete Career of William S. Hart by George Mitchell, Films in Review, 1955.

LW3065 - Spanish Chocolate Trading Card: William S. Hart and Jane Novak (and Pola Negri), 1920s.

LW3064 - William S. Hart: Spanish Chocolate Trading Card, Barcelona, 1920s.

LW3063 - Castaic Valley & Lake (near Lebec), Color Postcard, ~1930s.

LW3062 - Fan Card: Warner Baxter as Alessandro in "Ramona," 1928.

LW3061 - Program Book: Dedication of Permanent COC Campus, 10-26-1970.

LW3060 - City Formation Committee Kicks Off Voter Registration Program to Get More Funds From State, 12-1-1987.

LW3059 - Arthur Young CPAs Predict 22% Budget Windfall for Proposed City of Santa Clarita, 9-18-1987.

Preliminary Feasibility Study: Elsmere Canyon Landfill, May 1984.

LW2867c - Auto Tours in Newhall Pass, 1913-1914 (2 Views).

90 Years Beneath the Cross: Story of First Presbyterian Church by Jerry Reynolds 1986.

LW3058 - Postcard: The Lebeck Oak (Fort Tejon Historical Marker), ~1960s.

HS7701 - Program Book: First Presbyterian Church Dedication Services, February 1977.

LW3056 - Buck Jones in "The Ivory-Handled Gun," Vasquez Rocks & Placerita Canyon, Publicity Still, 1935.

LO8803 - Gen. Beale's Residence, Tejon Ranch, Photo 1888-1900.

LO8802 - Indian Home and Orchard, Tejon Ranch, 1888-1900.

LO8801 - Church at Ex-Sebastian Indian Reservation, 1888-1900.

Oddity Odysseys: Exploring Vasquez RocksVideo 2017.

History of Vasquez Rocks: Chapter 1: Geology.

LW3055 - Vasquez Rocks, 1960s.

LW3054 - Dining Room, Durant (Lebec) Hotel, 7-21-1922.

LW3053 - Looking North Past SPRR Saugus Depot, 1907-1912.

ST0901 - L.A. Aqueduct Construction Headquarters at Saugus Junction, 1909.

LW3052 - L.A. Aqueduct Construction Headquarters at Saugus Junction, 1907-1912.

LW3051 - Fireball 500: Publicity Photo 1966.

DI2201 - Touring in Mint Canyon (1922) and Elizabeth Lake (1923), 7 Views.

LW3050 - Melody Ranch Fire: San Fernando Valley Aerial View, 8-28-1962.

LW3035 - Discussion: Emile Haddad (Newhall Ranch Developer) and Thomas H. Nielsen (Former Valencia Developer), Video 2016.

LW3049 - 1994 Earthquake: Collapsed 14 Freeway Ramp Claims Life of LAPD Officer Clarence Wayne Dean, 1-17-1994.

HB7502 - Mrs. Gilbert's 6th Grade Class, Honby School, 1974-75.

HB6303 - Exploring the "77th Bengal Lancers" Fort at Vasquez Rocks, ~1963.

LW3048 - William S. Hart Park & Museum: Exteriors, Barnyard. 5 Views, 1968.

LW3047 - William S. Hart Mansion Interiors, 5 Views, 1968.

LW3046 - Vasquez Rocks County Park, 6 Views, 1968.

LW3045 - Vasquez Rocks Fort Set, "Tales of the 77th Bengal Lancers" (Photos 1968).

SK5501 - Newhall: A Modern New California Town (Chamber Marketing Brochure ~1955).

LW3044 - Col. Charles Lindbergh with Experimental Glider in Lebec, 1930.

GA4801 - Hart High School: First Graduating Class, 1949 (Photo November 1948).

GA4501 - Hart High School: 9th Grade Class, Group A (1 of 3), 1945-46.

GA4502 - Hart High School: 9th Grade Class, Group B (2 of 3), 1945-46.

GA4503 - Hart High School: 9th Grade Class, Group C (3 of 3), 1945-46.

GA4603 - Hart High Lettermen, 1946-47.

GA4602 - Hart ASB Constitution Committee, 1946-47.

GA4601 - Hart ASB Civic Committee, 1946-47.

LW3043 - Two Indians Huddle for Warmth, Inyo County, 1930s.

LW3042 - St. Francis Dam Intact, George Watson Photo ~1926.

RL1401 - Irene Ruiz's Newhall Grammar School Diploma, 1914.

LW3041 - Two-Gun Bill Hart at Home in Newhall, 1-7-1946.

LW3040 - Lobby Card: Tom Mix Stars in "Fighting for Gold" (Fox 1919).

LW3039 - Ace Cain's Hollywood Nightclub: Shot Glass, 1940s.

LW3038 - Ace Cain's Hollywood Nightclub: Souvenir Guest Photo Folder, 1945.

LW3037 - Events at Montie Montana Rodeo Ranch, 11 Views, 1970s-1980s.

LW3036 - "God's Country and The Man," Trem Carr/Syndicate Pictures, 1931.

LW3035 - About Emile Haddad, CEO, FivePoint, 2017.

LW3034 - Matchbook Cover: Newhall-Saugus Elks Lodge, ~1960s-1970s.

LW3033 - Valencia Industrial Association (VIA)'s First Symposium, 10-26-1983.

LW3032 - First? Valencia Industrial Association (VIA) Luncheon, 1981 or 1982.

LW3031 - A Tribute to Ruth Waldo Newhall • Saugus Train Station, 1-21-2004

Analysis of Perchlorate Containment in Groundwater Near the Whittaker-Bermite Property • CH2MHILL, 12-2-2004.

LW3030 - Program Book: Dedication of Randy Wicks Memorial Wall at Valencia Library, May 22, 1997.

LW3029 - Brochure: (History of) The Piru Mansion, May 1988.

LW3028 - Newhall Ranch Marketing Brochure, 1990s.

LW3027 - Marshal from Minneapolis: James Arness Towers in Adult Western Field • TV Guide May 1957.

LW3026 - Castaic High School Construction Update: Drone Video 6-5-2017.

LW3025 - "The Lieutenant" Starring Gary Lockwood: Dell Comic No. 1 (1964).

LW3024 - Charles Lindbergh Dines with Press in Lebec Hotel Restaurant, February 1930.

DI1301 - Family or Group Outing to Elizabeth Lake, 5 Views, 1910s-1920s.

DI2818 - St. Francis Dam Ruins: Block 5 (1928).

DR2817 - St. Francis Dam: Tombstone & Perimeter Road, 1928.

LW3023 - William S. Hart and Chief Standing Bear in Los Angeles, 1926.

LW3022 - Melody Ranch Fire: Oil Tank Burns in Placerita Canyon, 8-28-1962.

LW3021 - Canyon Meadows American Baptist Conference Center, 4 Views (1 New), ~1970s.

RA5503 - 1867 Del Valle Winery at Rancho Camulos, 4 Views, 4-26-1955.

RA5502 - The Bells of Camulos (Photo 1955).

LW3020 - USGS Maps Showing Honby, 1929-1960.

LW3019 - Sylmar-San Fernando Earthquake: Newhall Store Damage on 2-9-1971.

LW3018 - Newhall's Ed Yanez, World Champion Team Roper, Photo 1953.

LW3017 - Wooden Plow, Spanish Mission Period, Early 1800s. Multiple Views.

RA5501 - Original 1886 Wooden Cross from Del Valle Chapel Garden (Photo 1955).

SK7001 - Aerial View of Castaic; Lagoon Under Construction 12-5-1970.

LW3016 - Panning for Gold, Placerita Canyon(?), April 1934.

LW3015 - Melody Ranch: Fillmore & Western Faux Steam Engine in HBO's 'Westworld' (2016-).

LW3014 - Verbiesen Ranch & Car Collection Damaged by Fire • 5-29-2017.

JE0101 - Chuck & Rosie Morey (Chevron), 2001.

LB7101 - (First) Canyon Country Library Dedication, 9-20-1971.

LW3013 - Hoot Gibson Plane Crash, Los Angeles, 7-3-1933.

LW3012 - June Gale Comforts Hoot Gibson Following Plane Crash, July 1933.

AL3011 - Hoot Gibson, Sally Eilers Separate, 1932.

AL3010 - Hoot Gibson, Sally Eilers Honeymoon in Hawaii, 1931.

LW3009 - Sally Eilers Confirms Divorce from Hoot Gibson, 1933.

LW3008 - Hoot Gibson, Sally Eilers Marry at Saugus Ranch, 6-28-1930.

LW3007 - SCV School District Reorganization Plan (Failed), 1970-71.

LW3006 - "Shanghai Rose" Lobby Card (Trem Carr 1929).

AP0235 - First Presbyterian Church: Building the Parsonage, 1914.

AP1009 - California Star Oil Guest House & Office, Pine Street, ~1962.

AP2310 - Alexander Hume and Family at Home in Newhall ~1890.

LW3005 - Jason Priestly, Charlie Sheen at Charity Benefit (1991) Born of Fatal Helicopter Crash in Potrero Canyon (1985).

Commodore Perry Dyer, Pioneer of the Soledad by Jo Ellen Rismanchi, 2002.

JR5401 - Dyer Honey House, 1950s.

Notes on the Newhall Ranch House • By Jerry Reynolds, 1990.

Newhall Ranch House: Dean Gallion Interview • Report by Jerry Reynolds, 1991.

Genealogy: Descendants of Juan Biscailuz.

The Day the Dam Burst by Wesley S. Griswold, Popular Science, March 1964.

LW3004 - Gene Autry in "The Strawberry Roan," Lobby Card, 1948.

Video Conversation: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autry, Pat Buttram, 1988.

LW3003 - The Rough Riders Star in 'Ghost Town Law' (Monogram 1942), Lobby card.

"The Romance of Water & Power" by Don J. Kinsey, LADWP Propaganda 1926, Rev. 1932.

HB8601 - Video: Sierra Vista JHS Band Marches in 1986 Frontier Days Parade.

LW3002 - Kurtis Roadster Shown at Saugus, 1950; Jim Henning Art 2006.

LW3001 - Cattle Grazing in Lebec, RPPC, 1917-1919.

OX6402 - Second First Presbyterian Church, Newhall, 1960s.

OX6401 - Brand-New Sierra Vista Junior High School, 1964 (4 Views).

OX6701 - Saugus Union School District Mystery Photo Album, 1960s.

LW3000 - Tex Williams Stars in "South of Santa Fe," Universal 1949.

LW2999 - Joel McCrea Stars in Owen Wister's "The Virginian," Publicity Still, Paramount 1946.

SW_LAN73 - Looking Up the Sterling Borax Mine Shaft, ~1984.

SW_LAN75 - Collapsed Timber in the Sterling Borax Mine, ~1984.

CM2001 - Eggland Chicken Ranch, Happy Valley, 1910s-1920s. Multiple Views.

SC1706 - Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, Multiple Views, 2014-2016.

HB3801 - Honby School, Student Body, 1938.

HB6001 - Structures at Original Honby School Site, ~1960s.

LW2998 - Interrupted Mail: Letter (Envelope) Recovered from Fatal Plane Crash, 11-18-1930.

HB3902 - Honby School, Student Body, 1939.

Sand Canyon Plaza Mixed-Use Project: Draft EIR, March 2017.

LW2997 - St. Francis Dam Disaster: Wreckage of Steel-Truss Bridge.

OX7401 - Honby Elementary School Staff, 1974-75.

SC9701 - City of Santa Clarita's 10th Birthday Brochure, 1997.

HB6302 - Corral Drive-In Theatre Location, 1963 & 1987.

HB6301 - The Corral Drive-In Theatre, Interior & Exteriors, 1963.

"Inside Story of the Rodeos" by Andy Jauregui • Popular Mechanics June 1935.

LW2996 - Southern Pacific Owl, Between Humphreys and Honby, 9-26-1953.

LW2995 - Driver Walt Faulkner at Bonelli Stadium, 1940s-50s.

LW2994 - Movie Herald: "Isle of Lost Men" (Trem Carr 1928). From India.

LW2993 - Tepee Rock Shop (Soledad Cyn.): Rockhounding Guide for L.A. Gem Hunters, 1966.

LW2992 - 1929 Saugus Train Robbery: The Bogus Story of Tom Vernon and the Sweetwater Incident • Golden West, July 1967.

LW2991 - Wedding Plans: Gary Lockwood (Yurosek) & Stefanie Powers, 1966.

Video: Exploring the St. Francis Dam Ruins • Oddity Odysseys 2017.

LW2989 - Man Flees from Placerita Canyon Fire, 8-28-1962.

LW2990 - Hoopers Restaurant, Solemint Junction: Matchbook Cover ~1960s.

LW2988 - Helen Hunt Jackson's Grave, Cheyenne Mountain, Colo. Souvenir Postcard 1912.

Beale Heirs Sell 276,000-acre Tejon Ranch to L.A. Times-led Syndicate • L.A. Times, 5-12-1912.

JK4101 - Dedication of Rose Station Plaque, 11-16-1941.

Robert E. Callahan Turned Old West Into Tourist Attraction • by Dr. Alan Pollack, Dispatch, May-June 2017.

FAVIM3302 - Friends of Antelope Valley Indian Museum Bulletin Vol. 3 No. 2, April-May-June 2017.

Tataviam Culture: Investigation of Damage to Paradise Ranch Knoll Earth Oven, Castaic Area • ANF 2009.

Laina McFerren, 2017 Santa Clarita Valley Woman of the Year

Eric Stroh, 2017 Santa Clarita Valley Man of the Year

LW2987 - Tejon Trout Lakes, 1950s.

NorthLake Specific Plan Project: Draft Supplemental EIR Los Angeles County, 5/2017.

All About Earl Schmidt: Rancher, Airport Owner, Civic Leader (1906-1979) by Cassandra Skaggs, 5-4-2017

BH5801 - The Frontiersmen Perform for American Legion at French Village, 1956.

"Red White and Blue [Over You]," Written & Performed by Cliffie Stone, 1947.

Frank Knapp Lives Hermit Existence in Wilds of Angeles Forest • L.A. Times 4-25-1983.

BH3901 - French Village Waitresses, Late 1930s.

LW2986 - People Stand on Footbridge Over Forebay at St. Francis Dam, 1926-1928.

LW2985 - St. Francis Dam Under Construction ~1925-1926.

LW2984 - Tex Williams' Village Nightclub, Newhall, 1962.

JK6001 - Annie Rose Briggs and the Ghosts of Castaic, • Long Beach Independent, 3-6-1960.

JK7201 - Annie Rose Briggs' 1916 Victrola from Kelly/Knapp Ranch on the Ridge Route.

JK6205 - Clothes Iron Salvaged from 1962 Melody Ranch Fire.

JK6204 - Silver Overlay Curb Bit Salvaged from 1962 Melody Ranch Fire.

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