Santa Clarita Valley History In Pictures

Melody Ranch

Melody Ranch: Movie Magic in Placerita Canyon by Leon Worden • The Signal, 3-29-2003

My Memories Of Melody Ranch by Gene Autry • The Gazette, Nov.-Dec. 1995

LW2924 - Rootin'tootin'ville, U.S.A. • Pageant magazine, May 1957

Placerita & Val Verde Fires Converge on Melody Ranch, Olive View Sanitarium • Associated Press (Long Version), 8-28-1962

Brush Fire Plays Dirge on Autry's Melody Ranch • Associated Press (Short Version), 8-29-1962

My Years With Gene Autry And Melody Ranch by Henry Crowell • The Gazette, March 27-29, 1998

Melody Ranch Hosts Cowboy Festival Between Movie Shoots by Stephen K. Peeples •, 4-14-2013

Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival on TV (1994 to date)

LW2067 - Gene Autry in "Tumbling Tumbleweeds," 1935. Lobby Card, 59K.

GA1000 - Gene Autry, Singing Cowboy. 45K.

AL1960 - Charles Starrett in "Shooting Showdown," Monogram Ranch, Placerita Canyon, Publicity Still, 1937.

The Terror of Tiny Town (Columbia 1938)

LW2723 - Publicity Still, Autographed by Clarence Swenson.

LW2753a - Billy Curtis and Yvonne Moray Star.

LW2753b - Billy Curtis and Yvonne Moray Star.

LW2753c - Yvonne Moray Stars.

LW2753d - Billy Curtis Stars.

The Marines Fly High (RKO 1940)

LW2676 - Lucille Ball & Richard Dix in "The Marines Fly High," Lobby Card, 1940.

LW2432 - Chester Morris & Richard Dix in "The Marines Fly High," Publicity Still, 1940.

LW2334 - Monogram's Rough Riders (Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton) at Main Gate in "Below the Border," 1941-42.

LW2895 - Rough Riders (Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton) at Monogram Ranch Main Gate, Arcade Card, 1941-42.

LW2328 - Ken Maynard & Hoot Gibson in "The Law Rides Again," Monogram 1943, 2 Lobby Cards.

LW2079 - Hoot Gibson-Bob Steele, "Outlaw Trail," 1944.

JW4402 - John Carradine in "Voodoo Man," Placerita Canyon 1944.

LW2813 - "The Big Sombrero" Starring Gene Autry; Lobby Card 1949 & 1956 Re-release (2).

LW2078 - Johnny Mack Brown, "Gunning for Justice," 1948.

LW2111 - Joe Brooks & Johnny Mack Brown at Monogram Ranch, 1949.

EH5001 - Ernie Hickson's Placeritos (Melody) Ranch Photos, 1940s. Slideshow, 22 Images.

EH5101 - Patricia Ann Hickson Visits Placeritos Ranch ~1951.

LW2089 - "Slippery Gulch" 4th of July Tokens, 1949-51.

LW2246 - Anachronistic "Slippery Gulch" Postcard, 1950.

LW2330 - Gene Autry in "Apache Country," Mexican Lobby Card ("Mision De Muerte"), Monogram Ranch, 1952.

JW5301 - Hopalong Cassidy Invitation to Monogram Ranch, 6-10-1953.

Wichita (Allied Artists 1955)

LW2489 - Joel McCrea in "Wichita," 3 Publicity Stills, 1955.

LW2678 - Joel McCrea in "Wichita," 2 Publicity Stills from Sweden, 1955-1956.

Lw2970 - Yugoslavian (Bosnian) Movie Herald for "Wichita," 1955.

LW2621 - "Wichita" in Japanese Magazine, 1957.

LW2648 - "Wichita," Spanish Movie Herald, 1958.

Man From Del Rio (United Artists 1956)

MR5600 - "Man From Del Rio," Multiple Views, 1956.

LW2686 - Lobby Card: "Man From Del Rio," 1956.

LW2444 - Anthony Quinn & Katy Jurado in "Man From Del Rio," Two Views, 1956.

LW2711 - Anthony Quinn on Western Street in "Man from Del Rio," Publicity Still, 1956.

LW2901 - Katy Jurado & Anthony Quinn on Western Street in "Man from Del Rio," Publicity Still, 1956.

LW2814 - "Man from Del Rio," Publicity Still (Hanging), 1956.

LW2140 - "Man From Del Rio," Melody Ranch, 1956. U.S. & Mexican Lobby Cards, Color.

KB5601 - Bill & Fran Erwin in "Man From Del Rio," 2 Images, 1956.

LW2166 - Promotional Brochure for Gene Autry's Melody Ranch (Cover), 1950s.

AP1514 - Main Street at Melody Ranch, 1950s.

AP1430 - Mexican Chapel at Melody Ranch, 1950s.

FILM - Late 1950s Newhall 4th of July Parades; Melody Ranch; 1st Wm. S. Hart Little League Game (1955).

LW2854 - Signed by Artist: Print of Gene Autry's Champion Comic Book Cover No. 19 (1955).

LW2216 - James Arness and Dennis Weaver in "Gunsmoke" at Melody Ranch, 1956.

AP1429 - The Hacienda at Melody Ranch, c. 1962.

AP0837 - Melody Ranch on Fire, 8-28-1962.

LW2588 - Olive View Sanitarium on Fire, 8-28-1962.

LW2581 - Melody Ranch Fire Devastation, Next Day 8-29-1962.

LW2438 - Henry & Dolores Crowell, Autry Performer & Melody Ranch Manager.

LW2340 - Anillo Restrikes of 1949-51 Placeritos Ranch Tokens, 1968.

LW2750 - Engine No. 463 and Mogul Engine No. 1629(?) at Melody Ranch, 1962-1972.

LW2164 - Gene Autry's Engine 463 at Melody Ranch, 2 Images.

MR9101 - Gene Autry Visits Melody Ranch, ca. 1991.

LW2195 - 'Last Man Standing' Set at Melody Ranch, 1996.

LW2062 - Paul, Renaud & Andre Veluzat, Melody Ranch Owners (2 Views), 1997.

LW2379 - Set of "Holes" (Disney 2003), 3 Images, June 2002.

Geico042213 - Geico Motorcycle Money Man Commercial, April 2013.

TV1502 - Gene Autry's "Other" Locomotive, Engine 463, Under Steam in New Mexico, 2015.

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