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Santa Clarita City Council Members, 1987-Present

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The first five City Council members were elected at the same time voters approved the formation of the city of Santa Clarita in the General Election of Nov. 3, 1987. The top two vote-getters took 4-year, 4-month terms, while the other three took 2-year, 4-month terms. Following the 1987 election, municipal elections have been held on the second Tuesday in April of even-numbered years.

Santa Clarita has a "city manager" form of government, meaning the City Council makes decisions but the mayor does not have the administrative duties he or she would have under a "mayoral" form of government. Thus each December, roughly coinciding with the anniversary of the city’s Dec. 15, 1987 incorporation, the council selects one of its members to serve as mayor for the coming year. The mayor’s role is comparable to a board chairmanship.

In the list below, an asterisk (*) indicates that the council member was elected or reelected that year; no asterisk means it was the remaining two years of the four-year term. As noted, the mayoralty runs from December to December; for example, where Howard P. McKeon is shown as "Mayor, 1988," the term actually began in December 1987, with Jan Heidt succeeding him in December 1988, and so on.

1st COUNCIL, 1987-1990
* Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (Mayor 1988)
* Janice "Jan" Heidt (Mayor 1989)
* Jo Anne Darcy (abbreviated term)
* Carl Boyer III (abbreviated term)
* Dennis Koontz (abbreviated term)

2nd COUNCIL, 1990-1992
Howard P. "Buck" McKeon
Janice Heidt
* Carl Boyer III (Mayor 1991)
* Jo Anne Darcy (Mayor 1990)
* Jill Klajic

3rd COUNCIL, 1992-1994
Jo Anne Darcy
Carl Boyer III
Jill Klajic (Mayor 1992)
* Janice Heidt (Mayor 1993)
* George Pederson

4th COUNCIL, 1994-1996
Janice Heidt
George Pederson (Mayor 1994)
* Carl Boyer III
* Jo Anne Darcy (Mayor 1995)
* Hamilton "Clyde" Smyth

5th COUNCIL, 1996-1998
Carl Boyer III (Mayor 1996)
Jo Anne Darcy
Hamilton "Clyde" Smyth (Mayor 1997)
* Janice Heidt
* Jill Klajic

6th COUNCIL, 1998-2000
Janice Heidt (Mayor 1998)
Jill Klajic
* Jo Anne Darcy (Mayor 1999)
* Frank Ferry
* Laurene Weste

7th COUNCIL, 2000-2002
Jo Anne Darcy (Mayor 2000)
Frank Ferry
Laurene Weste (Mayor 2001)
* Robert Kellar
* Cameron Smyth

8th COUNCIL, 2002-2004
Robert Kellar
Cameron Smyth (Mayor 2003)
* Frank Ferry (Mayor 2002)
* Marsha McLean
* Laurene Weste

9th COUNCIL, 2004-2006
* Robert Kellar (Mayor 2004)
* Cameron Smyth (Mayor 2005)
Frank Ferry
Marsha McLean
Laurene Weste

10th COUNCIL, 2006-2008
* Laurene Weste (Mayor 2006)
* Marsha McLean (Mayor 2007)
* Frank Ferry
Robert Kellar (Mayor 2008)
Cameron Smyth (Elected to Calif. Assembly, November 2006)
Timothy B. "TimBen" Boydston (Appointed December 2006 to replace Smyth; term exp. April 2008)

11th COUNCIL, 2008-2010
* Laurie Ender
* Robert Kellar (Mayor 2008)
Frank Ferry (Mayor 2009)
Marsha McLean
Laurene Weste

12th COUNCIL, 2010-2012
Laurie Ender (Mayor from December 2011 until defeated at polls in April 2012)
Robert Kellar
* Frank Ferry
* Marsha McLean (Mayor 2011)
* Laurene Weste (Mayor 2010)

13th COUNCIL, 2012-2014
Frank Ferry (Mayor April-December 2012)
Marsha McLean
Laurene Weste
* Robert Kellar (Mayor 2013)
* Timothy B. "TimBen" Boydston

14th COUNCIL, 2014-2016
* Laurene Weste (Mayor 2014)
* Marsha McLean (Mayor 2015)
* Dante Acosta
Robert Kellar
Timothy B. "TimBen" Boydston


* Council Members
* Election Results
* City Commissioners
1st Council 1987-1990

Buck McKeon 1987-1992

Jan Heidt 1987-2000

Jo Anne Darcy 1987-2002

Jo Anne Darcy | Legacy

Carl Boyer 1987-1998

Carl Boyer | Legacy

Dennis Koontz 1987-1990

Jill Klajic 1990-1994, 1996-2000


George Pederson 1992-1996

Clyde Smyth 1994-1998

5th Council 1996-1998

Frank Ferry 1998-2014

Laurene Weste 1998—

Cameron Smyth 2000-2006

Bob Kellar 2000—

Marsha McLean 2002—

TimBen Boydston 2006-2008, 2012—


Laurie Ender 2008-2012

Dante Acosta 2014—

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